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  • FXTH870511DT1 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor for 315MHz

  • Created: Jan 11, 2016

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The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a device that helps drivers with precise tire pressure measurement by providing individual tire readings. The Freescale’s FXTH870s family of tire pressure monitoring sensors provides the lowest transmitting power consumption, largest customer memory size and unique dual-axis accelerometer architecture. The FXTH870511DT1 has a pressure sensor ranges from 100- 450kPa. It has a two accelerometer, X and Z axis for measuring the acceleration force. The module features an 8-bit MCU, with S08 Core with SIM, interrupt and debug/monitor, 512 RAM, and an 8K Flash.

The TPMS RF transmitter is design for a 315MHz ISM band. The TPMS has a pressure sensor, accelerometer, and temperature sensor in its sensor measurement interface. It has an external 26MHz Oscillator connected to XI and XO to be used by the internal PLL for creating carrier frequencies and data rates for the RF pin. A surface mount battery contacts is provided for its supply. The digital circuit is supplied through VDD and VSS pins, VDD for the positive supply and VSS for the ground. The analog circuit is supplied through VDDA and VSSA, VDDA for the positive supply and VSSA for the ground. The axis sensor uses X and Z-axis so that it can have an appropriate algorithm to analyze the rotating signal caused by the earth’s gravitational field. It has a typical wireless range of 50 meters in air with a 5dBm output power.

The FXTH870511DT1 tire pressure-monitoring sensor is applicable in light trucks and vehicle. Driving in a proper inflated tires in the proper condition of environment can reduce risk of accident and more efficient in fuel. The sensor is situated in all four tires including the spare TPMS for different pressure range and vehicle classification.

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can you provide the antenna spec. used? including mechanical and impedance value. thanks, BTW, do you have any schematics that use tire valve as an antenna? in this case, how do you match the impedance of antenna? thanks, Anthony

Posted: Aug 04, 2019



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