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  • Gas Sensing and Data logging

  • Created: Oct 13, 2014

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The carbon monoxide monitoring is nothing new to us. A lot of research have been made but still the emission continue to rise. The different approach are derived accordingly like this design. It is a complete instrument that can handle a carbon monoxide monitoring and management system. It uses electrochemical which far more practical and enough accurate to have measurements. It features real time data monitoring and data storage for specified data management.

The design is comprised of a microcontroller that generates instruction for its input and output components. It uses electrochemical sensor as a primary sensing equipment that measure carbon monoxide emission in Parts Per Million (PPM). The SD card is used for data storage particularly for carbon monoxide reading data. The LCD is for the real time monitoring that displays the reading data and status of the instrument. It saves data every time the maximum tolerable CO emission is reached and goes beyond.

The significance of this design is applicable as an additional requirements in order to avail registration of business big or small. The authorities could request about the data reading before they could release the permit to operate. The data recorded and analyzed where the authority can provide some legal action if needed.

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PB Fortich

This project seems have a sense. It bodies the concept of which we can take care of our environment. I believe that if the government will take a look at this project. It will be a great help to climate change.

Posted: Jan 18, 2015



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