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  • Generic Electronic Appliance Remote Control

  • Created: Jul 22, 2015

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The control of electronic appliances using wireless module before requires critical analysis. Making this as easy as possible innovates people to provide new ideas. The design is a straightforward circuit that contributes to the development of home automation, which is the remote control manipulation of electronic devices. The system is controlled by a 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU that supports up to two SPI modules, three UART modules, two IIC modules, and one CAN module. It is energy efficient and durable even for industrial applications that requires the highest level of quality and longevity support.

It is comprised of S9KEAZN8AMTG Freescale Kinetis E 32-bit MCU that controls the triggering of the reed relays, and the transmission and reception of signals through the xBee RF module. The triggering signals are with pull-ups to ensure the switching of relays will take place. The general purpose diodes in series are for the protection of the MCU pins while the diodes in parallel are protection for blowback voltage.

This design is applicable to different electronic appliances and some of the industrial instrumentation devices. It offers convenience to remote control interfacing between electronic devices and it can still be modified to optimize its applications.

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Please re-check your diode/ relay circuit. You will note the reed relays are already "pulled up" to +5v and are ON. If the MCU outputs a HI, it's therefore meaningless, If it outputs a LO the "protection" diode is backward, and again it won't work. Now, if you are using the "pull-ups" to bias a certain type of reed ( a very exact V/ ohm/ I ) to "almost get it to work and then count on the MCU to trip it ....... well please don't go into teaching as this would be the worst kind of design and miss-educate the youngsters. Best, Dr. Bob

Posted: Aug 21, 2015



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