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  • Gesture Control via USB

  • Created: Sep 17, 2014

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Gesture control is widely used nowadays; it is a technology of communicating with computers without physical touch. Gesture control can be used on various applications like turning a page on e-book, scrolling on computers, and game controls. An active infrared proximity motion sensor is used in this project; the Si1143 IC with up to three LED drivers has the ability to sense gestures within 7cm to 15cm interaction region.

The three IR LEDs are connected to the Si1143’s three LED pins are used for gesture detection. The four blue LEDs in the circuit are used to provide feedback to the user (note that these are not the IR LEDs that are used for gesture detection). The INT pin of the Si1143 IC is connected to the GPIO2 pin of the CP2112 IC, the Si1143 pulls the INT line low when new samples are available. When the CP2112 recognizes the drop on GPIO2, it reads new data from the Si1143 over the SMBus interface.

A Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector is provided to facilitate connections to the USB interface on the CP2112. The circuit is powered through the VBUS line on the USB connector. A 5V signal is fed into the VREGIN pin of the CP2112. A 3.3V signal is also fed to the VDD pin on the CP2112 and to power the Si1143. The Blue LEDs and Power LED are powered by the VDD output of the CP2112. The IR LEDs are powered by the 5V VBUS signal on the USB connector.



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