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  • GL650 Radiator Fan

  • Created: Apr 28, 2015

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This project is specifically designed for use in motorcycle cooling systems, which offers excellent airflow performance using TE Connectivity's Low Insertion Force FASTON 2238027-3. The terminals' new ergonomic design makes them easy to apply, while it's high temperature or brass options provide design flexibility and improved productivity.

For this circuit, several options exist for mounting the electric fan. Perhaps the simplest and least expensive method is to attach it directly to the radiator. Ignition switch failures are common for GL650 Honda Motorcycle that results in overheating and arcing of the contacts. To solve the problem, a relay RY1 is used to switch the fan power. Now, the relatively high current associated with the fan itself would not pass through the ignition switch or the radiator temperature switch. The only additional current passing through either of these switches is that needed to operate the relay coil. The 20A fuse provides protection in the event of a severe overload or short to ground. This fuse also feeds a high current accessory connector that can be used to power an air compressor or other external devices from the battery. The diode D1 was included to reduce voltage spikes that can result when the fan power is abruptly removed. The mating connector is a receptacle connector with TE's FASTON 2238027-3 terminals, which reduces insertion force and provides some protection from the high temperature.

This design is useful in automotive engine ventilations that helps maintain the temperature. It uses FASTON terminal solution made with an F-spring contact that offers improved retention, insertion, and contact-stability benefits compared with other solutions on the market in which this system is critical in automotive applications. The terminal's ergonomic features can help manufacturers provide safe and efficient assembly, which in turn results in end-product reliability and customer satisfaction. The F-spring contact FASTON terminal is suitable for large and small appliances, power tools, electric motors, air conditioning, lighting, automotive, high-temperature designs and many other applications that require long-life interconnections.



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