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  • Glucose Meter

  • Created: Sep 01, 2014

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The glucose meter is a medical device used to determine the concentration of glucose in the solution. The glucose concentration is measured in units of milligram per deciliter (mg/dl) or millimole per litre (mmol/L), depending on the different regions.

Most glucose meters are based on electrochemical technology. The two most common methods used in electrochemical measurement of glucose are the colorimetric method and the amperometric method. For the circuit design shown, the glucose meter is using the amperometric method.

The glucose meter is a key element of the Home Blood Glucose Monitoring (HBGM) device used by people with diabetes mellitus. The measurements can be taken multiple times in a single day. The glucose measurements are affected by the external factors such as temperature, humidity and altitude because the rate of the enzyme reaction depends on these factors. The PIC16LF178X MCU is equipped with opamp, 12-bit ADC, DAC and EEPROM, which makes a great combination for this type of battery operated application needing precision measurement and lower current consumption.

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Can i get some more information about this project, including source code

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