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  • GPS Charging and Supply Circuit

  • Created: Jun 22, 2015

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The technology on direction and location guidance or commonly called navigation is quite marketable nowadays. The different electronic gadgets especially on mobile phones are now equipped with GPS in which it provides additional feature to the device. In this design, it shows the GPS supply circuit that keeps the device in operation while it consumes a lot of energy during radiation. The design features splash proof connector that can withstand to high temperature. It makes use of highly efficient DC-DC converter, regulator, and reference source. It is also dustproof that secures the data and the internal components of the device.

The design makes use of the TE connectivity splashproof micro USB AB-type connector that serves as the primary path for data and supply of the device. The microcontroller serves as the host of the system. It manages data and instructions that operates the system correct. The step-up DC-DC converter is to increase the supply coming from the battery source. The Low DropOut (LDO) regulates the 3.3V voltage supplied system while the reference source provide the voltage reference of the Vanalog supply.

The designed circuit is also applicable to other portable electronic device like regular smartphones and tablets. It can help the development of USB or battery powered devices, because the design itself already considers efficiency in regulating supply



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