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  • GSM based Fire Alarm

  • Created: Apr 17, 2016

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There are various fire alarm systems nowadays and one of those is a GSM based alarm system. This design is a simple fire alarm system that basically sends 3 SMS alerts to mobile numbers stored in the module when a fire is detected. This could be very useful in remote locations where human interaction is limited. SMS based fire alarm system can warn people within the area especially when fire occurs at nighttime which may prevent major damages and losses in a fire accident. The device specifically uses the 2 x 16 slim OLED display of Newhaven display that is known for its cost effective and high quality slim character OLEDs.

This design employs the use of Arduino Uno, LM35 temperature sensor and GSM module. This fire detector will sense the occurrence of fire with the help of the temperature sensor. When temperature rises to a certain degree (45 ºC) , the microcontroller which is connected to gsm module will initiate the transmission, sending a number of SMS alerts that will be sent to each stored mobile numbers. The number of SMS alerts may vary depending on the user.

This alarm system is very beneficial to residences especially when homeowners are out for work. As soon as the message has been sent, they can quickly call for help. A buzzer may also be added to create an audible sound when fire is detected.



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