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  • GSM Controlled Mobile Robot

  • Created: Sep 05, 2016

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This reference design is a simple GSM controlled mobile robot, which performs actions by receiving a set of instructions in the form of Short Message Service (SMS). The user can control the direction of the robot by sending a message with a forward, backward, left or right command. This device specifically uses MAX232 multi-channel drivers/receiver of Maxim Integrated that has a capacitive voltage generator to supply TIA/EIA-232-F voltage levels from a single 5V supply. Each receiver converts TIA/EIA-232-F inputs to 5V TTL/CMOS levels while each driver converts TTL CMOS input level into TIA/EIA-232-F levels. This saves board space and at the same time reduces power requirements.

The device is a wireless robot that uses GSM modem and receives the messages sent by the mobile and gives the instructions to the microcontroller to control the robot’s directions. It uses 8051 microcontroller with GSM SIM 300. The protocol used for the communication between controller and GSM modem is UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter). This system continuously checks for message to take the decision for controlling the robot. The major components used in the circuit are microcontroller, motor driver, level converter, GSM module and a robot. The 2x16 LCD displays the direction of the robot as desired by the user. It is connected to P1.0 of the microcontroller in a 4-bit mode. The LCD data lines D4, D5, D6 and D7 are connected to P1.4, P1.5, P1.6 and P1.7 respectively and control pins are connected to P1.0, P1.1 and P1.2. Moreover, the GSM modem Tx and Rx pins are connected to pin R1IN and T1OUT of MAX232 while the MCU’s TXD and RXD pins are connected to R1OUT and T1IN pins of the level converter. The MAX232 acts as a mediator between controller and GSM module and it is used to convert the voltage levels. Meanwhile, the L293D is a monolithic integrated high voltage, high current four channel driver designed to accept standard DTL or TTL logic levels which is used to drive the two motors.

Mobile robot has grown to be the industries’ reliable partner especially the way materials and processes are handled much easier in factories, warehouses, hospitals and other facilities. Those are intelligent mobile robots that are designed for a specific function. This designs however, is a fundamental of GSM controlled robots that may be developed by the user according to their desired features.

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Posted: May 04, 2017



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