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  • H-Bridge Gate Driver

  • Created: May 17, 2017

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This H-bridge Gate Driver is specifically designed for automotive applications that require high power motors.It provides four high-current gate driver outputs capable of driving a wide range n-channel power MOSFETs in a full-bridge configuration. A charge pump that is fully integrated with external capacitors provides the gate voltage for the high-side output stages.

This circuit is mainly comprised ATMEL ATA6823 and MOSFETs. ATA6823 functions as a communication controller and direction management. SUM110N06-3M9H-E3 MOSFETs are used in the H-bridge connection. This circuit also features Vias M+ and M- to connect optional DC motor, Push-button EN2 to wake-up Atmel ATA6823, jumper VMODE to select VCC output level voltage, jumper RWD to select different WD resistors, Shunt for DC motor current measurement, and LED indicators to show which direction the motor should turn.

The Atmel ATA6823 supports low-speed LIN-data communication up to 20k Baud in compliance with LIN specifications 2.0 using a built-in LIN transceiver. Protection features include over-voltage/under-voltage detection and shutdown, over-temperature shutdown, and short circuit detection of motor leads to battery voltage and to ground. Shoot-through protection is guaranteed using a dead-time adjustment which can be set by hardware.



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