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  • Hand Gestures Robot Controlled

  • Created: May 04, 2016

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Have you ever tried controlling a robot through your hand gestures just like a Jedi in Star Wars? Now, you can use the force! You have come to the right place. After all, everything is possible with microcontrollers. The design of this project is unbelievable because instead of pressing the remote control buttons, you can control your robot through your hand gestures. This circuit can be created with a Single-board microcontroller (e.g. Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, etc.). If you do not own a Single-board microcontroller for this project, this is a perfect project for you because this circuit is using a Single-chip Microcontroller (ATMEGA328P-PU). The circuit design shown in this project is just a basic robot car controlled through hand gestures.

The circuit design has two main parts: the receiver and the transmitter. The receiver part will be integrated on our basic robot car and the transmitter will be placed in your hand.

The transmitter part (left side of the schematic) is composed of an Accelerometer, Comparator IC, Encoder, and a RF Transmitter Module. The Accelerometer, a sensor that detects the change of force due to position, direction and tilt, is responsible for the direction of your hand gestures which gives us an analog data. The Comparator converts the analog data to digital and gives a voltage either logic high or low. From the outputs of Comparator IC, the data will be encoded to the encoder (HT12E) and transmit it through the RF Transmitter Module.

The receiver part (right side of the schematic) is composed of a RF Receiver Module, Decoder, Microcontroller (ATMEGA328P-PU) and a Motor Driver IC. The RF Receiver Module receives the data from the transmitter. The received data will be decoded through a decoder (HT12D). The Red LED will indicate when there is a transmitted data received. The four data outputs from the decoder will be connected to pins 25, 26, 27, and 28 of the Microcontroller which is our inputs. Our outputs of the Microcontroller are connected to the Motor Driver IC which protects the Microcontroller from back EMF since Motors generate back EMF. There are two DC Motors connected to the Motor Driver IC. The two DC motors will rotate depending on the hand gestures. The robot car will move to the right as you move your hand towards right and it will move to the left as you move your hand towards left.

The robot car can be use for entertainment or something useful. This basic circuit design can create the impossible to possible. There are other microcontrollers that you can use for this design. There are lot of ideas and applications that you can apply and innovate through this design. Maybe you can control a drone using your hand gestures instead of using the remote control.



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