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  • High Amperage Power Supply Plugs

  • Created: Feb 22, 2016

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The electronic devices become more compact. This is due to the creation of external power supply allowing the devices to require smaller space for its main board. The design is a high amperage power supply that can produce up to 10A current output. It is able to provide more than industry-standard power capability. The removal of cooling system and some internal power apparatus is approved by UL standards.

The design make use of darlington pair circuit that is commonly used to increase current. The linear voltage regulator provide the input to the darlington pair circuit Q1 and Q2 while the Q1 also drives Q3 extends more the current gain from the first darlington pair circuit (Q1 and Q2). The current output of 1A of the positive-voltage regulator (7815) is extended up to 10A through the combination of Q1-Q2 and Q1-Q3. The SCR act as the holding circuit until the supply is cut-off. It also act as the protection of the circuit in case of overloading that 7815 IC temporarily stop in operation. A capacitor is provided to support or smoothen the voltage at the gate of the SCR. It is almost the same for the capacitors provided after the bridge diode and current amplifiers circuit. The output of the circuit uses CARAS10KS07984 high amperage plug that can handle high current output supply for easy installation and assembly of the devices.

This design is applicable to industrial equipment particularly in instrumentation It reduces the size of instrumentation equipment by removing the cooling apparatus and make use of external wall adapter instead of built-in power supply. It is also opportunity to batteries that charging time can be reduced.



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