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  • High-Side Switch for Industrial Load

  • Created: Dec 14, 2015

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The control systems that are developed involve efficient usage of switches. In this design, it features a high side switch product that has two fully protected 10mΩ high side switches. It handles up to 6.0A steady state current per channel, and it has separate bulb and DC motor latched overcurrent handling. The internal/external PWM clock signals are individually programmable. It provides protection from overcurrent, short-circuit, and overtemperature with programmable autoretry functions. It has an accurate temperature and current sensing, and OpenLoad detection.

The design illustrates a typical industrial application that is simplified in order to demonstrate the primary advantage of this hide-side switch. The MC10XSD200FK device is interfaced to an MCU using SPI communication while the external circuit is added through I/O pins of the MCU, and FSB and Clock pin of the high-side switch. The external circuit takes over load control in case Fail-safe mode is activated (FSOB goes low). The circuit allows keeping full control of both channels incase of SPI Failure. Basically, whenever communication with the external microcontroller is lost, the device enters a Fail-safe operation mode, but remains operational, controllable, and protected. The passive components help in proper operation of the system in which the resistors are used as pull-ups and limiters. The capacitors are used for filters especially on the voltage regulator side.

The design is flexible that it can be applied to different load types in industrial application. It can be used to control bulbs, solenoids, or DC motors. It is also useful to the development of efficient control system.



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