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  • High Speed Data Communication Management with Strada Whisper

  • Created: Mar 24, 2015

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The technology advances a lot after mobile phones are commercialized. The mobile phones provides remote communications and data transmissions at very convenient way. With these ease of data communications, it is now possible to collaborate ideas and innovations around the globe. The data transfer requirement increases accordingly because of the number of users that needs to communicate and exchange information every now and then. Therefore, the communication system needs to upgrade in order to meet the demand in information technology. In this simple design is built a STRADA Whisper backplane connector that offers a data transfer of 25Gbps and scalability up to 40Gbps for further future system upgrades. It has an insertion loss of less 1dB and linear up to 20GHz. It has individual shielded pairs offer excellent signal integrity / EMI performance that makes it less susceptible to noise and resulted to greater flexibility.

The design focuses on STRADA Whisper Connector that is used to connect server main backplane and network interface card or other type of ethernet board. It uses cables instead of a regular PCB or PWB that makes it flexible and convenient to server blade designers. It allows airflow within its connections that helps in signal integrity and able to transmit signal to a longer distance.

The design allows the users to optimized the network data rates in which losses are minimized while the data capacity is maximized. It is useful to data centers, network servers, and other type of storages that are in demand nowadays.



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