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  • High Speed Parallel Backplane System Interfaced for Plug-in Cards-1

  • Created: Mar 24, 2015

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Data transfer rate has a vital role in data communications. Every network application needs a certain amount of data to function effectively that makes high data transfer rates beneficial in modern business networking. A backplane system such as the TE Connectivity's STRADA Whisper connectors are widely used in computer and telecommunication systems because of its revolutionary design that transfers data at a rate of up to 40Gb/s. It is the first of the next generation of high speed interconnects with extremely low noise characteristics allowing data to run at longer distances. Thus, permitting networks to be used for complex tasks while slowing the traffic.

The backplane consists of a PCB and three (3) 6x8 backplane connectors in parallel. It is used as a backbone to connect several plug-in cards together to make up a complete backplane system. This connector and the associated pin field is one of the most important features in designing a gigabit backplane channel. The signal generated by a transmitter located on one of the line cards travels through two connectors before it reaches the receiver located at another line card. Signal integrity issues such as reflection, loss, and crosstalk introduced by the connector can significantly degrade system reliability and performance.

This high speed parallel backplane provides electrical path for connection purposes that may be connected in a computer system for interfacing plug in cards. The STRADA Whisper product family is well suited for use in high-speed application such as servers, switches,router, storage, base stations, wireless infrastructure and optical transport. These products promote signal integrity that significantly minimize system degradation.



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