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  • High Speed Serial Link using Strada Whisper Backplane

  • Created: Mar 24, 2015

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Serial link is a type of communication between two digital systems wherein data is transmitted as a series of voltage pulses down a cable/wire. Amid the world's growing data needs, data transmission speeds need to increase as well. The greatest challenge is that data rate has to be faster while maintaining or lowering the rated power. Connectors are very fundamental components to consider in the design. Lossy connectors would damage signal integrity. Signal integrity is the key: without it, systems don't run cost-effectively. To make these connectors fast and reliable, it has integrated some features to increase signal integrity.

The STRADA Whisper product family operates with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little to no skew—all of which provide system architects with design flexibility and high design margin. Specific versions are available for 100- Ohm and 85-Ohm applications so you don't have to compromise on impedance discontinuities. Mechanically, the STRADA Whisper connector family mirrors most high-speed backplane connectors in the market for easy implementation. It differentiates itself through folded signal pins surrounded by strong, protective C-shaped shields, which make the product family one of the most robust offerings in the market. Additionally, the connector footprint keeps crosstalk down and the overall connector design uses latest eye-of-needle (EON) technology.

Strada Whisper Backplane covers a wide variety of applications in the field of data communication. It is a very innovative technology to keep up with the world's continuous demand for higher bandwidth and higher data speed.



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