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  • HMI Battery on Real-Time Clock

  • Created: Oct 18, 2016

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The Real-Time Clock (RTC) is a timekeeper embedded device that brings additional features to the different electronic device. Commonly, it comes with a coin battery since it requires continuous operation. The coin battery is a lithium battery with 3V as standard voltage for RTC device. It completely manages all timekeeping functions.

The design circuit focuses on that RTC part with its backup supply - lithium coin battery. The SDO, SDI, and SCLK are serial ports that communicates with the host controller. The external clock is provided with frequency option up to 32.76kHz. The SERMODE pin is a switching pin between two modes, the standard 3-wire communication is selected when it is connected to GND while if it is connected to Vcc, the SPI communication is selected. The PF pin is used to indicate loss of the primary power supply (VCC1) in which it is driven low when VCC1 is less than VCC2 or less than VBAT. The VCC2 pin is for the secondary power supply that is used to trickle charger and the rechargeable energy source.

The design RTC circuit is applicable in different ways in consumer electronics. It is also useful in manufacturing industries that retain timing. The application relies on the product in which it will be integrated.



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