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  • Human Detection Robot

  • Created: Sep 16, 2014

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This project is designed to detect and rescue human beings under buried infrastructures during natural calamities like earthquakes and landslides using MICROCHIP SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE microcontroller. The system is integrated with passive infrared sensor that measures the infrared light (heat) radiated by the warm human body and converts it into an electrical signal, thus triggers the detection.

Microchip Technology's SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE is used to control the entire robot functions. It gets the detection signals from the PIR sensor and it drives the two gear motors according to the command inputs. The relays facilitate the activation signals from the microcontroller for the angular and rotational motions of the robot. The user will control the movements of the robot with the radio frequency transmitter. To move the robot in a particular direction, a command is send to the microcontroller through the transmitter that internally contains an encoder. It receives the parallel data from the microcontroller and converts it into a serial data to the transmitter. This serial data is again send out wirelessly by an antenna to the radio frequency receiver. At the receiver's end, the robot accepts the data through the antenna and directs the serial data to the microcontroller. The decoder then translates the original instruction into its parallel equivalent. Finally, the microcontroller obtains and sends this signal into the relay drivers to change the direction of the robot.

Human detection robot has a primary objective of providing a low cost solution in rescue operations where human reach is not possible. Its application is also evident in military where uncovering of civilians in the war field is indispensable.