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  • I2C RTC evaluation board

  • Created: Feb 23, 2014

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RTC or Real-Time Clock is an electronic clock that accurately keeps track of the present time. RTCs are mostly present in electronic devices such as personal computers, servers and embedded systems, which need to keep accurate time. I2C or Inter-Integrated Circuit is a multi-master, multi-slave, single-ended, serial computer bus invented by Philips Semiconductor, known today as NXP Semiconductors, used for attaching low-speed peripherals to computer motherboards and embedded systems.

OM11059A is an evaluation/demo board for the I2C RTC PCF85063TP and PCF85063ATL to be used in the design phase of any project. The PCF85063x are a family of CMOS Real-Time Clocks (RTC) and calendar optimized for low power consumption with different features sets that are available. The OM11059A is the ideal evaluation/demo board to use in the design phase of any project; just power and I2C-bus must be hooked up.

There are two variants of the PCF85063x RTC with I2C-bus: PCF85063TP basic functionality with I2C-bus interface and PCF85063ATL enhanced functionality with I2C-bus interface. The PCF85063TP and PCF85063ATL are Real-Time Clocks with very small form factor, counting seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekdays, months, and years.



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