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  • iButton Electronic Lock

  • Created: Jun 30, 2014

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The circuit is a type electronic lock designed to work stand-alone. It uses iButton device that makes it a unique and durable type of access control. Unlike RF cards and other type of access control technology, the iButton is more versatile due to its size and concept of storing information. The iButton device can consider many complementary technologies, and the communication rate and product breadth of iButton devices go well beyond the simple memory products typically available with RFID.

The design is comprised of an 8-bit microcontroller that manages the I/Os data. The ADM1232 device is a microprocessor supervisory circuit for the monitoring of the processor IC. The PCA24S08ADP device is an Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) that stores an amount of data and saves when the power is removed. The LSHD-5601 device is a 7-segment common anode led display that produces the visual representation on the programming of additional keys. The IRF540 device is a power MOSFET that controls the solenoid. The NE202930-T1-A is an NPN epitaxial transistor that controls the IRF540 power MOSFET. The several types of diodes are used for protection and rectification. The power supply circuit is comprised of a standard power supply components with battery holder as an alternative supply of the system.

The design is excellent. It is applicable not only to access control system but also to manufacturing, delivery, and maintenance processes. It is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.



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