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  • Industrial Actuators with Haptic Feedback

  • Created: Jun 23, 2014

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This circuit is common to a highly automated industry. It deals with the type of industrial automation I/Os with the cooperation of Programmable Logic Controller. It also provides the easiest way to add tactile feedback to any application. The combination of the analog power driver and an Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) results to a complete tactile feedback haptic system. It allow the users to compensate for the variations in the coupling of vibrations. The haptic system deals with a complex sensory system that provides feedback for a type of capacitive touch interface.

The design is comprised of two major components the Haptic Controller and the Haptic Driver for DC Motors (ERMs) and Linear Resonant Actuator (LRAs). The MTCH810 device is a haptic controller which accepts I2C commands and generates the appropriate PWM signals to create the Haptic effect. The outputs from the MTCH810 are then filtered and amplified by the DRV8601. The DRV8601 device is a single-supply haptic driver which is an audio frequency amplifier configured for differential inputs and outputs and the output of the amplifier will drive the ERM. The RC network in the feedback path provides a pole with transfer function at 160 Hz that roll off the high frequency gain and attenuate the ripple at the PWM frequency. The connection between the DR1 output and the enable of the amplifier allows the controller to generate an output for the ERM with a drive/coast format, rather than a drive/brake control. Using a differential output eliminates the need for a large capacitor on the output to AC couple the drive signal to the ERM. Some resistors are used for pull-ups of data line and current protection of input and output pins and also some capacitors are used for stabilization and internal regulation of voltage.

The design is suitable for applications that includes capacitive touch sensing. It is more compact and simple than the other drive/brake control system.



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