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  • Industrial C-slot Cylinders with M8 Connector

  • Created: Mar 26, 2015

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There are different types of environment that can be expected to industrial plants. Since dc/ac motors and other mechanical equipment are common to these areas, mechanical wearing with vibrations is also expected. This vibration is natural to mechanical equipment even in a small frequency but enough to cause problem to small signal devices like sensors. The sensors should be durable that meets the standard requirements. Other than sensors, the system should also have a secure connection in which TE Connectivity M8 connectors can provide the rest of connection requirements. In this design, it shows a simple automation of flow control. It makes use of actuators and magnetic sensors that securely integrated to its electronic control unit using and M8 connectors. The M8 connector offers the safe and reliable connection with flexible and high temperature thermoplastic design. Its gold plated or brass contact with shield of steel or nickel-plated ensures the efficient flow of data and low power source.

The design is comprised of a linear actuator that drives the C-slot cylinder. The C-slot cylinder also drives the valve that controls the flow of liquid or gas. Beside the cylinder, a magnetic sensor is attached that act as a detector whether the valve is close or open. The signal produced by the sensor is transmitted to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) using an M8 connector. The signal is processed by the ECU and transmits it to the main controller in which it provides data to the end user. The end user will provide a command that will be transmitted again to the ECU and the ECU will provide a signal that again drives the linear actuator to control the flow.

This control system design is common to industrial plants, which provides convenience to operators. However, this control system is not limited to industrial applications, it is also useful to residential applications. It can be used to control the gate, door, and window of our houses. The design is flexible since it has secure connections to its components.



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