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  • Industrial Process Pressure Sensor Platform

  • Created: Mar 08, 2015

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There are several manufacturing plants invested to systems upgrade particularly in the production side. Instead of deploying a lot of operators in the production, the company invested to several types of automation that increases monitoring efficiency. This improvement in the industry attracted more investors that compensate to the employment losses. This design features a highly integrated system that optimized the sensing applications. It has three accelerometers that operate in different ranges with integrated temperature sensor. It can monitor pressure and object distance through the interfaced sensors. There are eight selectable output data rates from 488Hz to 3.8Hz and four types of trimmed ADC data formats such as 10, 12, 14, and 16-bit. The system has also ROM-based flash controller and slave port, command-line interpreter for some embedded purposes.

The design is comprised of a Freescale MMA9559LR1 intelligent sensor platform that incorporates dedicated MEMS transducers, signal conditioning, data conversion, and a 32-bit programmable microcontroller. It serves as the main component that manages the entire system with external sensors. It interacts with the master I2C component while it can manage its own data as a microcontroller itself. The low range differential pressure sensor for air and non-aggressive gases that are common in industrial process automation. The ultrasonic distance sensor is used for distance measurement that may be integrated to mechanical equipments for some specific application. The 1.8V supply is provided with capacitor filters while the resistors are used for dissipation and pull-ups.

This innovation is not limited to industrial process automation. It is also suitable to medical applications where equipment users are quite strict to its parameters. In consumer electronics, the system is integrated with other devices such as camera, screens, buttons, and other related parts.



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