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  • Industrial Stepper Motor Control

  • Created: May 04, 2015

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This project is designed particularly for industrial application, which features a typical stepper motor control. It enables the user to optimize application requirements since it is programmable. The main controller is equipped with NanoWatt technology in which it has power-saving sleep mode allowing the system to reduce its power consumption. It also makes use of MTA-100 connector enabling the system with feed-through capability for daisy-chain connection with insulation displacement contacts eliminating the need of strip wires.

The circuit is comprised of a stepper motor connected to a controlling unit through MTA-100 connector. The MTA-100 connector is a TE connectivity connector that provides the terminating pins of the board to the motor. The Darlington transistors drive the permanent magnet of the motor while being protected against reverse voltages by a diode. The PIC16F628A-I/P serves as the main controller in which the input/output data are being processed. A variable resistor is provided for external supply adjustments. The pushbuttons are used to control the direction of the motor. The 78L05 is an LDO that ensures the supply of the system and operates with capacitor filters.

This design is suitable to several applications. It is used for controlling actuators and valves in manufacturing industries. It can be modified for applications that are not related to industrial and can still function as desired.



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