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  • Integrated S12 Based Relay Driver with LIN

  • Created: May 19, 2015

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This reference design is an integrated S12 based with Local Interconnect Network (LIN) interface. The S12 MagniV portfolio optimizes the integration of high-voltage analog components into a mixed-signal MCU. This is based on LL18UHV technology that combines highly reliable 180nm nonvolatile memory along with the integration of high-voltage analog components on a single piece of silicon. These components are capable of withstanding the rigorous requirements of automotive environment.

This design features Freescale's MM912G634 microcontroller. The MM912G634 is a single package solution that integrates an HCS12 microcontroller with a SMARTMOS analog control IC. The Die-to-Die Interface (D2D) controlled analog die combines system base chip and application specific functions, including a LIN transceiver. Additional features include; 10 digital MCU GPIOs shared with SPI, 16-bit, 4-channel timer module along with 10-bit, 15 channel ADC, 8-bit, 2-channel PWM, six high-voltage GPIOs and 3 low-voltage GPIOs. It is further equipped with circuit protection modules such as current sense module, voltage sense module, chip temperature sensor, hall sensor supply, and integrated voltage regulators.

The integrated S12 based relay driver with LIN design is suitable to industries like automotive, consumer, and medical/healthcare. It can also be used for motor control and other equipment that uses LIN interface.



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