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  • Intelligent 12 V Lead-acid Battery Management with LIN Interface

  • Created: Apr 12, 2015

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This design features an intelligent battery management technology. It uses the Freescale's MM9Z1J638 Battery Sensor Module for 12 V lead-acid battery applications. It is built to demonstrate the product capabilities in a 12 V lead-acid application where high EMC performance is required to obtain high accuracy measurements on key battery parameters.

The MM9Z1J638BM2EP is a fully integrated Battery Management System (BMS). The device supports precise current measurement via an external shunt resistor. It features four voltage measurements via an internal calibrated resistor divider or use of an external divider. It includes an internal temperature sensor, allowing close proximity battery temperature measurements, plus four external temperature sensor inputs. The MM9Z1J638BM2EP integrates a S12Z microcontroller and a SMARTMOS analog control IC into a single package solution.

The design is useful in different electronic devices that have 12V battery supplies. The circuit can be used as a reference in order to build battery management system on different levels of voltage. It can protect batteries against overcharging or over discharging.



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