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  • Intelligent Battery Sensor with CAN and LIN

  • Created: Apr 16, 2015

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This design features a fully integrated intelligent battery monitoring system which is a MM9Z1_638. The said design uses an external shunt resistor in order to support a precise current measurement. This also includes an internal temperature sensor that allows close proximity battery temperature measurements. It has four external temperature sensor inputs that are also used in battery monitoring. It uses SMARTMOS technology on its power system. The MM9Z1_638 features LIN 2.2 protocol and physical interface, msCAN protocol controller which is for interfacing automotive buses. In addition, it can supply and control external CAN interface.

The design features a wide range battery current measurement with on-chip temperature measurement, four battery voltage measurements with internal resistor dividers, and up to five direct voltage measurements for use with an external resistor divider. It also has measurement synchronization between voltage and current channels. This design contains five external temperature sensor inputs with internal supply for external sensors, and low-power modes with low-current operation. It also have multiple wake-up sources; LIN, timer, high-voltage input, external CAN interface, and current threshold and integration. Moreover, M9Z1_638 features precision internal oscillator and connections for external crystal, LIN2.2/2.1/ 2.0 protocol and physical interface, msCAN protocol controller, and supply capability for 8 and 14 pin CAN interfaces. The design has also S12Z microcontroller with 96/128 kByte Flash, 8.0 kByte RAM, 4.0 kByte EEPROM.

This design is suitable to both industrial and commercial applications. The MM9Z1_638 has many useful applications including 12 V lead-acid battery monitoring, multi-cell battery (Li-Ion) monitoring, HV battery pack sensor and truck battery monitoring.



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