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  • Interfacing Microcontroller with High-Side Switch

  • Created: Mar 20, 2015

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This project introduces the use of MC06XS4200 switch that is interfaced with a microcontroller. MC06XS4200 is a dual high-side switch with integrated control which has a high number of protective and diagnostic functions. High-side switches, with their additional integrated features, are power switches that can switch high currents into grounded loads safely and in compliance with the harsh automotive environment.

In this circuit, both channels can be controlled individually by external/internal clock signals or by direct inputs. Using the internal clock allows fully autonomous device operation. Programmable output voltage slew rates (individually programmable) help improve EMC performance. To avoid shutting off the device during inrush current, while still being able to closely track the load current, a dynamic overcurrent threshold profile is featured. Switching current of each channel can be sensed with a programmable sensing ratio. Whenever communication with the external microcontroller is lost, the device enters a fail-safe operation mode, but remains operational, controllable, and protected. This device is powered using SMARTMOS technology.

This high-side switch has been designed for truck, bus, and industrial applications. The low RDS(on) channels (<6.0 mOhm) can control different load types; bulbs, solenoids, or DC motors. Control, device configuration, and diagnostics are performed through a 16-bit serial peripheral interface (SPI), allowing easy integration into existing applications.



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