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  • Internal Modem for Motherboard

  • Created: Jan 23, 2014

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Internal Modems are part of personal computers which provide the interface between the serial devices such as keyboards, mouse, and other devices with serial connections. The circuit itself could be developed into a more functional system by adding more devices connected to it. The UART SC16C550B is compatible with several numbers of asynchronous communication elements.

Aside from its control functions, DTR and DSR also serve as a supply to the port. The UART itself has its automatic flow control (CTS and RTS pins) which is a great advantage for a high density data transfer. Chip select is also available in this UART (CS0, CS1, and CS2) in which if any of the three inputs are inactive, it will cause the UART not to function. It has modem status signal(DSR and DTR) which is used in establishing a communication with the system.

The system has programmable automatic flow control. It has excellent pin compatibility with industry standard. It could run with all existing generic 16C450 software.



I really like this project.

Posted: Jan 29, 2014

Emmanuel Galleto

Me also

Posted: Feb 09, 2014

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That's cool

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