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  • Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Security

  • Created: Nov 10, 2016

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Internet of Things, also known as IoT, has been drawing a lot of interest to people nowadays because of the capacity and innovation it provides to different aspects of our life. With the growth of IoT, the demand for security also rises. Protection for data and devices should also be considered.

Given the need for security in IoT, this Maxim’s reference design is built to provide protection to industrial equipment involved in your IoT network. The design aims to secure industrial equipment from counterfeiting while tracking product lifetime with authentication and smart notifications to a web server. The design includes a peripheral module representing a protected sensor node monitoring operating temperature and remaining life of a filter (simulated through ambient light sensing) and an mbed shield representing a controller node responsible for monitoring one or more sensor nodes. The design is hierarchical with each controller node communicating data from connected sensor nodes to a web server that maintains a centralized log and dispatches notifications as necessary. The mbed shield contains a Wi-Fi module, a DS2465 coprocessor with 1-Wire master function, an LCD, LEDs, and pushbuttons. The protected sensor node contains a DS28E15 authenticator, a DS7505 temperature sensor, and a MAX44009 light sensor. The mbed shield communicates to a web server by the onboard Wi-Fi module and to the protected sensor node with I2C and 1-Wire. The simplicity of this design enables rapid integration into any star-topology IoT network requiring the heightened security with low overhead provided by the SHA-256 symmetric-key algorithm.

The circuit can be programmed through a separate development platform or equivalent Arduino form factor platform. The web application used for this design is open source and can be run on any PHP-enabled web server.



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