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  • IR Decoders with Seven-Segment Display

  • Created: Aug 25, 2014

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This Infrared (IR) Decoder circuit is a simple visual representation of IR sensor function. It shows the output value with fewer components included in the circuit. It is simple and easy to manipulate using data functions. It is also a stand-alone design, which can function without additional components in order to perform a certain operation.

The circuit is comprised of PIC16F84AT-04/SO 8-bit microcontroller, which accepts and generates data to be transmitted for the display. The Seven-Segment Quad Digit Display is the one that shows the output value. It is low power, high brightness and contrast, and more reliable compared to other medium of display. The IR sensor is a receiver module that captures the signals to be decoded.

The design circuit is suitable for data monitoring and control system applications. It can easily be integrated to different devices for residential and commercial purposes. It can also be used in industrial application as part of its larger instrumentation system.



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