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  • IR Remote Control Jammer

  • Created: Jan 26, 2016

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This infrared jammer is designed to interrupt infrared signals that can be used as a security system for such devices which works by corrupting the data being sent by normal remote controls. The microcontroller in this design allows six of the main IR frequencies to be targeted. A single press of the button sends out stream of IR pulses from the two narrow beam and two wide beam IR LEDs for 30 seconds. Each press of the button will add 30 seconds to the running timer. This circuit uses the ultra miniature, multiple actuator options switch of E-switch that is best for miniature devices.

The heart of the IR jammer is a PIC12F675 microcontroller. It is programmed to reproduce the 6 popular IR frequencies such as 30kHz, 33kHz, 36kHz, 38kHz, 40kHz and 56kHz. When the button is pressed two transistors are used to pump infrared data out of the 4 IR LEDs. The green LED is used to indicate power up by blinking 3 times and also to indicate when the jammer is running by a quick flash every few seconds. To balance the range and power consumption, resistors R2 and R6 can be adjusted which can be seen in the circuit.

IR jammers can be integrated to any device that uses infrared signals. This is used as a countermeasure solely for security purposes. This may also be used as infrared seekers to track a source of infrared radiation.



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