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  • IR4302 100W Audio Power Amplifier

  • Created: Dec 12, 2016

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An audio power amplifier is a device that receives signal from an audio source and makes it louder by amplifying it to a level enough to drive the speakers. Different audio amplifiers are also available in the market nowadays, that some aspects should be considered before choosing an audio amp fitting for your application. Some of the most common aspects that should be look into is the power output of the amp, its efficiency, THD+N and load impedance.

This circuit is an audio amp design from International rectifier featuring their IR4302 power amp IC. This device is a 2-channel integrated analog input Class D audio amplifier. In this circuit, the amplifier can provide a power output of 100W per channel at a 4Ω of load. This setting requires a supply voltage of 40V-52V and must be operated with a heatsink. This amp could also be set to output 60W per channel a 4Ω load with a supply of 30V - 42V and can be operated without a heatsink. When using the second setup, components R7-R10 and Z5 must be changed to 390Ω and 27V respectively. Since this is a Class D amplifier, it is expected to have a high efficiency above 90%. In both setting mentioned above, the amplifier can have a 10%THD+N at 4Ω load. This design demonstrates the use the IR4302 IC with single power supply and implement protection circuits.

With the capabilities of the IR4302, this design is fit to be integrated in entertainment applications requiring high power output, high efficiency with superb performance. Such applications includes AV receivers , home theater systems, mini component stereos, powered speakers, subwoofers , musical instrument amplifiers and car audio amplifiers..



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