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  • Isolated IGBT Gate Driver

  • Created: Feb 29, 2016

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The combined high efficiency and fast switching features of Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) make it ideal for high current and fast switching applications. On the other hand, a gate driver is the one that accepts low-current input from a controller and produces a high-current drive input for the gate of a high-power transistor that is usually an IGBT. This reference design is an isolated IGBT gate driver, which utilizes ISO5852S from Texas Instruments. The ISO5852S is a 5.7kVRMS, reinforced isolated, IGBT gate driver with split outputs, OUTH and OUTL, providing 2.5A source and 5A sink currents.

The input side of this design operates from a single 2.25V to 5.5V power supply that is connected via ST1. In this design, JMP1 allows stimulus or monitoring of the device I/O pins IN+, IN–, RDY, /FLT, and /RST. The test points 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 provide additional access to the I/O pins. This design comes with 10kΩ pullup resistors (R1, R2) on the RDY and /FLT pins, as well as 220pF capacitors (C4, C5) to GND1 for noise filtering. The output can be monitored directly via TP12. A resistor divider network, consists of R10 and R11, is provided for monitoring the output with a low-voltage probe via TP20. The divider circuit can be disconnected from the output by removing the shunt on JMP5. The 10Ω gate resistors (R3, R4) control the rise and fall times of the output. This design allows evaluation of the device with an IGBT load in either of the standard TO-247 or TO-220 footprints. During evaluation with an IGBT load, the pre-installed capacitive load (C12) can be disconnected from the output by removing the shunt on JMP2.

The isolated gate drivers are suitable in a broad range of applications that require high current drive. This includes industrial motor control, industrial power supplies, solar inverters, HEV and EV power modules, and induction heating.



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