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  • KIT33907AEEVB Evaluation Board for MC33907 Safe System Basis Chip

  • Created: Jan 18, 2016

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This reference design is a KIT33907AEEVB evaluation board that is used for functionality demonstration of the SMARTMOS MC33907 power system basis chip. A system basis chip (SBC) is a type of integrated circuit, which has various functions of automotive electronic control units (ECU) on a single IC. Typically, it is comprised of digital standard functionality like communication bus interfaces and analog/power functionality, denoted as smart power. The MC33907 is a multi-output IC with power supply and HSCAN transceiver. It is designed to support up 800 mA on VCORE.

The main component of this evaluation board is the MC33907 IC, which features a highly flexible SMPS pre-regulator, allowing two topologies: non-inverting buck-boost or standard buck. The built-in enhanced high speed CAN interface fulfills the ISO11898-2 and ISO11898-5 standards. The local and bus failure diagnostics, protection, and failsafe operation mode are provided. This kit is designed to support up to 800mA on VCORE. This VCORE is the core voltage to the MCU. The voltage regulator needs a feedback from the VCORE voltage to be able to adjust the output voltage. For this reason, two bridges are implemented in the external MC33907 circuitry. The static feedback voltage (steady-state) is defined as a simple bridge resistor (given by RA3/RB3 and RA4). The dynamic behavior of the regulator is controlled by another bridge that is an RC divider (defined by RBx, CBx, R1, C1, R2, C2).

This MC33907 device is specifically designed for automotive applications such as electrical power steering, engine management, battery management, active suspension, gearbox, transmission, electrical vehicle (EV), hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV) and other advanced driver assistance systems.



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