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  • LED Demo Board with SMT Connectors

  • Created: Mar 26, 2015

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LED Demo Board with SMT Connectors

This circuit diagram shows an MCU-based blinking LED project using the LED demo board with Low Profile SMT Releasable Poke-In Connectors. LED lighting, nowadays, has lit up the electronics industry in terms of growth. It has replaced the incandescent bulbs as well as the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) . This is because LEDs have a lower rated power and longer lifespan as compared to the incandescent bulb and CFL.

This growth trend encompasses more than just the range of light sources. It also means dramatic changes in the nature of the supporting electronics, particularly connectors. They're required to combine a number of LEDs into an integrated emitter or module, and interface the resulting light source with power and control signals from the outside world. Even high-efficiency LEDs dissipate substantial amounts of heat amongst an ever-widening array of lighting environments. Connectors must continue to function reliably when encountering high temperatures for sustained periods.

TE Connectivity Releasable SMT Poke-In Wire Connectors accommodate multiple design requirements with 1-, 2-, and 3-position connector configurations. The releasable poke-in wire connector features an integral conductor release mechanism, recessed below the top side of the connector and cannot be compromised or broken during multiple insertion and release cycles. Ideal for LED lighting applications, the surface mount releasable poke-in connectors accept 18- to 22-gauge solid and stranded conductors and are tape and reel packaged for high speed SMT processing. It also features a high temperature resistant housing which is very suited for LED lighting applications.

LED-based products are poised to replace legacy light sources in virtually all general lighting applications indoors and out while also finding substantial use in many other places ranging from automotive headlamps to life-science applications such as horticulture and maintain a strong presence in backlight and display.



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