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  • LED-Lighting Control Reference Design for Machine Vision

  • Created: Mar 24, 2018

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This reference design is designed with the requirements of machine vision applications for factory automation and logistics in mind. Machine vision has proven itself as a key technology, addressing the needs of automated manufacturing, including inspection, identification, quality control and logistics. The illumination solution and lighting control of machine vision systems play a major role to meet the challenging requirements of modern imaging solutions regarding increased production speed and effectiveness. The illumination and lighting control applications can be found as separate end equipment, but can be also found as integrated parts of cameras, code readers, or barcode scanners.


This LED lighting control reference design demonstrates a unique approach to drive and control a string of multiple high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This reference design is targeted for industrial machine vision systems and is also suitable for other industrial or automotive lighting applications. The design allows users to program LED current and timing to enable the safe overdriving of LEDs for increased brightness. The design can operate autonomously but can also be triggered or generate a trigger through an isolated interface. Internal circuit blocks support a wide input voltage range, a programmable input current, and input power control as well as protect against reverse polarity, overvoltage and overtemperature.



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