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  • Li-Ion System Power Path Management Design

  • Created: Sep 03, 2014

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The portable electronics has shown its significance in today's market. The devices such as mobile phones, music players, camera, and other related products had evolved into small, handy, and lightweight devices from their previously massive forms. The Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)/ Li-Polymer batteries are the most popular choice for power sources for these mobile devices. These types of batteries offer high energy density, slow loss of charge, and absence of memory effect. The Li-Ion batteries are also gaining ground in military, electric vehicle, and aerospace applications and the most common choice for lead-acid battery replacement.

This schematic enhances the use of Li-ion batteries by giving the end-users the ability to charge their batteries without interruption. This schematic is developed to assist product designers in reducing product design cycle and time by utilizing Microchip's stand-alone Li-Ion battery charge management controllers with system power path management. This schematic exhibits the characteristics of Microchip's MCP73832 "Miniature Single-Cell, fully-integrated Li-Ion Polymer Charge management controllers" and MCP73833 "Miniature Single-Cell, Fully Integrated Li-Ion, and Li-Polymer Charge Management Controllers" with the load sharing system power path management capability. The schematic involves two independent circuits: the first circuit utilizes the MCP73832 which enables maximum programmable fast charge current of up to 500mA, and the second circuit utilizes the MCP73833 which enables maximum programmable fast charge current of up to 1A and an additional status output. The two preset values of fast charge current are available for each circuit by a SPDT dipswitch on the board for users to experience different speed.

Some features of this schematic include: load sharing system power path management that support charging single cell Li-Ion battery and system load at the same time without affecting charging algorithm of Microchip's stand-alone charge management controllers, Dip Switch to select programmable fast charge current between 50mA-1000mA for MCP73833, and 25mA-400mA for MCP73832.



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