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  • LIN Interface RGB Light Control

  • Created: Sep 15, 2014

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The Ambient Lighting Module Design offers a compact solution to control a RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) LED over a Local Interconnection Network (LIN). The RGB LED module can be used for illumination, backlighting, or indication in a vehicle. This circuit is designed to control one remote RGB LED device connected to the LIN protocol bus that communicates to a master control module.

The circuit can support a number of 8-pin Microchip microcontrollers to meet a varying functions and cost factors. It consists of a PIC12F615 microcontroller and a TJA1028TK LIN transceiver with voltage regulator. The circuit board is also laid out to provide an In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) for end-of-line software trimming, for LED binning and color adjustment.

A TJA1028TK LIN bus transceiver is connected to a LIN or J2602 compatible network. It also contains a voltage regulator that outputs 5VDC. A Zener diode is used to protect the LIN bus pin from transient voltages. The capacitor between the LIN bus pin and ground should have its value adjusted to the particular network topology. Two header connectors are used; one header is for the power supply and bus connection, and another header for the programming connection.



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