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  • LMH1218 Low Power Ultra HD Cable Driver with Integrated Reclocker

  • Created: Mar 01, 2016

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This reference design is an evaluation module that provides a complete high bandwidth platform to evaluate the SDI/UHD and 10GbE signal conditioning. It is an LMH1218EVM evaluation board that especially employs Texas Instruments’ LMH1218 UHD Cable Driver with Integrated Reclocker. It is a low power cable driver with integrated reclocker to drive serial video data to SMPTE-SDI, SMPTE 2022-5/6, 10GbE Ethernet, and DVB-ASI standards. It also supports up to 11.88Gbps to enable Ultra High Definition Video for 4K/8K applications. With 75-Ω and 50-Ω transmitter outputs, the LMH1218 enables multiple media options such as coax, fiber, and FR-4 PCB.

The evaluation board can be used for performance evaluation, testing and initial system prototyping. Both the SMA and BNC edge launch connectors used for the board will interface to multiple system connector types through breakout cables and adaptors. This flexible connectivity enables integrated system level testing between 12G SDI Cable Driver with Reclocker and 3rd party ASIC/FPGA host boards. A graphical user interface can be used to manage LMH1218 device registers that support fast bring-up during product development.

The LMH1218EVM evaluation module has a wide range of applications such as used in UHDTV/4K/8K/HDTV/SDTV video, digital video routers and switches. In addition, this can also be used in digital video processing and editing, DVB-ASI and in distribution amplifiers.



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