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  • Low Battery Detector and Warning System

  • Created: Feb 02, 2014

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Low battery voltage detector and warning system includes a voltage sensor connected to a power source for sensing and comparing voltage to a reference value which will determine if the sensed voltage is less than its reference. An alarm is also connected to the device, which generates a warning sound upon detection of low voltage by comparing the sensed voltage value to its reference. The alarm may produce at least one tone repetitive, to alert someone that the battery voltage is low and should be checked. Components like NCX2200 from NXP semiconductors can be integrated to the system to produce a highly desirable low voltage detector and warning system.

The NCX2200 is a single low voltage, low power, and comparator. This device is designed for rail-to-rail input and output performance. This device consumes only 6 A of supply current while achieving a typical propagation delay of 0.8 s at a 20 mV input overdrive. This comparator is guaranteed to operate at a low voltage of 1.3 V up to 5.5 V. The common-mode input voltage range extends 0.1 V beyond the upper and lower rail without phase inversion or other adverse effects. This device has a typical internal hysteresis of 9.0 mV. This allows for greater noise immunity and clean output switching.

Portable commercial electronics such as radios, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other portable devices that have a typical battery capacity of 8000mAh or almost 5 hours of battery life can take advantage of this circuit. This will greatly help in preventing untimely loss of data and may lead to a better power monitoring system which will benefit the user and the device.



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