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  • Low Cost SoC Remote Control Platform

  • Created: Jan 05, 2016

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This reference design is a low cost system on chip remote control platform of Freescale that incorporates a low power, 2.4GHz radio frequency transceiver with TX/RX switch. It also has an 8-bit HCS08 CPU, and a functional set of MCU peripherals on it. The on-chip CPU is based on the Freescale HCS08 family of microcontroller units while the onboard MCU peripheral set has been defined to support the targeted applications. A dedicated DMA block transfers packet data between RAM and the transceiver to off-load the CPU and allow higher efficiency and increased performance. This system is an integrated solution with very low power consumption where its applications range from entertainment systems to medical innovations.

The Freescale’s MC13237 contains an RF transceiver which operates in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band with 250kbps offset-quadrature phase shift keying data in 5.0MHz channel spacing with full spread-spectrum encode and decode. The transceiver includes a low noise amplifier, 1mW nominal output power amplifier, internal voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), integrated transmit/receive switch, on-board power supply regulation, 12-bit ADC and full spread-spectrum encoding and decoding. The circuit has a 32 MHz reference oscillator crystal and a pulldown resistor on signal PTA2 assures that devices do not enter factory test mode on power-up. The power supply voltage (V_IC) can range from 1.8Vdc to 3.6Vdc and the capacitor and inductor network in the circuit provides harmonic trap for out of band harmonics and spurs on TX. Meanwhile, the control signal RF_Bias switches RF reference voltage to the balun as required for TX or RX.

This design can be used in a wide range of cost sensitive applications. Aside from wireless RF remote control that are widely used from home TV, this can also be integrated to other entertainment systems and medical devices. The MC13237 is a highly integrated solution with very low power consumption that supports all ZigBee node types.



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