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  • Magic Wand (With Cordless Upgrade!)

  • Created: Jan 24, 2017

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I made a corded magic wand personal massager cordless!

Here's how I did it:


I bought a corded one thinking it had some sort of AC motor that would be more powerful than any dc motor. I later realized it actually had a power transformer inside that changed the power from AC to DC, so it really wasn't any better or different than the cordless ones other than its power source.

I removed the cord and transformer, which left a cavity for 4 rechargeable AA batteries to be wired in. That made it cordless and worked rather well until the batteries died and I had to take the wand apart again just to recharge it. I then managed to cram a 12v li-ion battery, pcm, and voltage converter inside, and the hole where the cord used to come out made a great place to put a barrel jack to serve as a charge port.