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  • Magnetic Position Sensor

  • Created: Mar 02, 2016

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The use of sensors in automotive and industrial applications have dramatically increased, similarly there’s been an increase in number of electrical fields or stray field present in this kind of applications. The magnetic sensors and other sensors are exposed to this stray field that can affect its reliability and system safety. The AS5048 has a stray field immunity that can withstand external stray field. The AS5048 is a 14-bit high-resolution output with 360° angular position sensor that has a maximum system accuracy of 0.05° assuming that the linearization and averaging is done by the external microcontroller. It requires no additional programmer, since a simple programming of the zero position is possible over the interface.

The AS5048 measures magnetic field components that are perpendicular to the surface of the chip by using its lateral hall sensor array. This is placed around the center of the device and delivers a voltage representation of the magnetic flux. A small oppositely magnetized standard magnet provides the angular position information. The 14-bit high-resolution output provides it with a 14 bit binary code representing the angular position of the magnet. The device operates at 5V supply voltage and a 3.3V operation is also possible. The VDD3V output is intended for internal use only and must not be loaded with external load.

The magnetic position sensor can be seen everywhere around you; in medical, home appliances, automations, drivers, vehicles and tools. In a car, there are around 20 magnetic position sensors in average is installed. The ideal solution for automated applications such as motor control in power steering, robots, production automation in factories, pumps, building automation and more.



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