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  • MC33880 Octal Serial Switch with SPI

  • Created: Jan 20, 2016

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This design is a typical application schematic of the MC33880 chip from Freescale. The chip is an octal serial switch with serial peripheral interface I/O. This component is designed to control diverse inductive and incandescent loads with it being interfaced with a microcontroller.

The MC33880 output pins are configurable to either high-side or low-side switch. As seen in the design, source output pins (S7 and S4) are configured as high-side switches by directly connecting it directly to the load. The drain outputs (D7 and D4) are also shown configured as a low-side switch by connecting them to the low side of the load. The two of its outputs can also be used in PWM applications such as motor control by sending a low-state signal to pins IN5 and IN6 directly from the microcontroller or by grounding the mentioned pins. Using two source output and drain output pins together makes H-bridge configuration. The maximum PWM frequency for each output is 2.0 kHz. Controlling the output pins is made through the 8-bit serial input control using the serial peripheral interface. The MC33880 incorporates SMARTMOS 5 technology with CMOS logic, bipolar/MOS analog circuitry, and independent double diffused DMOS power output transistors. The recommended frequency of SPI operation of this device is 4MHz.

The device presents an innovative monitoring and protection capability such as very low standby currents, fault reporting, internal 40V output clamping for low-side configurations, internal -20V clamping for high-side configurations, output diagnostics and independent shutdown of outputs. The device is applicable to automotive systems, relay controls, motor driver, electrical actuators and electronic game machines.



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