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  • MC33904: System Basis Chip Gen2 with High Speed CAN

  • Created: Aug 18, 2015

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The System Basis Chip (SBC) is an integrated circuit that has a mixture of standard digital and analog functionalities, like communication bus interfaces and power functionality. The MCZ33903CP3EKR2 is part of the 33903/4/5 family, the second generation of Freescale’s System Basis Chip (SBC). The device works for the MCU together with other integrated circuits such as sensors and CAN (Controller Area Network) transceivers as an advance power management unit. It is enhanced with a high speed CAN interface (ISO 11898 -2 and -5) with protection and fail-safe operation modes. This design also utilizes Freescale’s SMARTMOS technology. The device features voltage, current, and temperature protection. It has an extremely low quiescent current in its low-power mode, a fully protected embedded 5.0V regulator for the CAN driver, and a configurable regulator for Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). It is compatible to devices that support J2602-2 and LIN 2.1.

The device has four wake-up input pins that are also configurable as output drivers for flexibility. The circuit supply voltage ranges from 5.5 to 27V coming from the terminal block (ST3) that serves as the main power terminal. It has a 5.0V or 3.3V regulator for the MCU of the SBC and external transistor for an increase in current. This has multiple CAN bus termination option, such as Split, Standard, and No configurations. The pin TXDC_I is where the CAN bus transmit the data input. The DBG pin is responsible for the debug mode when there is no watchdog operation. The input/output pins are configurable through the SPI. The CAN, LIN1, and LIN2 bus signals are accessible through the terminal J12, ST1, and ST2 respectively. An I/O test point (TP) is also included so that it can be configured to be pulled up to Vsup or pulled down to GND through a resistor and indicator LED.

The typical applications of this system basis chip are in the fields of aircraft, marine system, dc motor control, inductive load controls, and actuator controls for industrial use, farm equipment, automotive, and robotic systems. It is also used in applications that require high-side switch control.



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