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  • MCP1603 Tiny Reference Design from Microchip

  • Created: Sep 03, 2014

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This reference design denotes the usage of Microchip's one of its latest microcontroller, the MCP1603 in step-down applications which operates in the 2MHz fixed frequency PWM. This design features the evaluation board complementary to the MCP1603 chip buck regulator over the input voltage, output voltage and current range of the device. This reference design also demonstrates the main advantage of using MCP1603 that has the capacity to provide solution with a minimum board size without involving many components.

The MCP1603 tiny reference design demonstrates Microchip's MCP1603 in a fixed output voltage configuration. The board is designed to demonstrate how to generate both positive and negative rails using the MCP1603. The MCP1603 is a 500mA synchronous buck regulator that features both Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The PFM mode is used at light loads to improve system efficiency while the 2MHz PWM mode is entered at heavy loads. The transition between PFM and PWM modes automatically occurs without any external intervention. The MCP1603 is available in both adjustable parts that require an external divider to set the output voltage and fixed output voltage parts. The high switching speed and TSOT package (1mm maximum height) make the MCP1603 ideal for space-constrained applications that require an efficient stepped down voltage.

The Microchip's MCP1603 tiny reference design can be used in a variety of applications such as cellular telephones, portable computers, USB powered devices, digital cameras, headsets, and portable equipment.



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