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  • MCP9600 Thermocouple IC Evaluation Board

  • Created: Jun 16, 2016

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This circuit is an evaluation board that features the MCP9600 device from Microchip. It is an IC that converts thermocouple electromotive force (EMF) to degree Celsius. A thermocouple EMF is the voltage generated at the junction of a thermocouple due to changes in temperature. The MCP9600 helps to correct the thermocouple nonlinear error characteristics present in the 8-thermocouple types and outputs ±1.5°C accurate temperature data for the selected thermocouple.

The evaluation board is basically composed of a type K thermocouple, the MCP9600 device, and a PIC microcontroller (MCU). The thermocouple connects to the Vin+ and Vin- pins of the MCP9600 through an on-board type K connector. The MCP9600 reads the EMF produced by the thermocouple from these pins and then converts it to temperature measurement in degree Celsius unit. The measurements are then transmitted to the PIC MCU via I2C bus. The data are displayed through a thermal management software GUI, which can also data log the temperature measurements. The board is fully powered from a PC USB 5V source. Once power is applied via USB, the PIC MCU is ready to receive commands from the host PC to program the MCP9600 settings or transfer temperature data. The MCP9600 also features some alert pins (Alert 1,2,3,4), which can be programmed by the users and use to detect rising or falling temperatures.

This circuit helps the users to easily evaluate the MCP9600 with all its features. The device also supports types J, T, N, E, B, S and R thermocouples. Each of these types can be evaluated by replacing the type K thermocouple connector with the corresponding connectors. This device is ideal applications like petrochemical thermal management, hand-held measurement equipment, industrial equipment thermal management, ovens, industrial engine thermal monitor and temperature detection racks.