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  • MCU Protection from Sudden Change of Supply

  • Created: Jun 23, 2014

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The complication caused by sudden change in supply is unpredictable. It can damage majority part of the circuit or if not, it can damage the firmware of the system that results to malfunctioning. The design prevents burn-out conditions, where the system supply drops below the operating level momentarily and it also protects the system from the slowly decaying power supply causes the microcontroller to begin executing instructions without enough voltage to sustain SRAM and producing indeterminate results.

The MCP100-270HI/TO device is a voltage supervisory IC which keeps the microcontroller in reset until the system voltage has reached the proper level and stabilized. The PIC10F200-E/MC device is a low-cost, high-performance, 8-bit, fully- static, Flash-based CMOS microcontrollers that generates instructions for the system. The bypass capacitor mounted as close as possible to the VDD pin provides additional transient immunity.

The designed circuit is suitable to devices that are prone to faults caused by sudden change in supply. It is an excellent solution to protect some of the major components as well as the minor from defect in hardware and firmware.



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