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  • MIC45404 Ultra-low DC/DC Power Module

  • Created: Jul 31, 2016

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The reference design is an evaluation board for MIC45404, which is an ultra-low profile, synchronous step-down converter with a capability of input voltage ranging from 4.5V to 19V maximum, and output current up to 5A maximum. The MIC45404 operates in a valley control mode power module that requires a minimal amount of extra components .In valley current mode control, a fixed frequency, leading-edge modulated PWM current mode is being utilized in the circuit. The module includes regulator, bootstrap capacitor, high-frequency input capacitor and an inductor in a single package.

The evaluation board does not have reverse polarity protection, thus applying a negative voltage to the Vin terminal may cause damage in device. The evaluation board also provides circuitry to enable load transient with fast current rise time yet controlled fall time using MOSFET switch (Q2). Drive levels can be adjusted to modify the switching speed of Q2, but must be ensured to completely turn-on and turn-off of Q2 after settling. The on-board load transient generator is especially useful when testing at very low output voltages, since not many active loads can perform well under those conditions, while current rise times achievable with external load boards are limited by stray inductance. In this evaluation board, it is important not to exceed the power dissipation limit of R10 to R13, thus using 2512 resistor with a 1W rating can address the dissipation problem.

The MIC45404 can be applied in servers, data storage, routers and base stations applications. Additional applications are FPGAs, DSP, and low-voltage ASIC power applications. The MIC45404 features also ±1% output accuracy, Hiccup Mode Short-Circuit Protection, thermal shutdown and -40°C to +125°C junction temperature range.



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